Can you imagine being able to simply ask for anything you want and getting it?

• Asking for wealth and receiving it in abundance.
• Asking for love and then meeting the love of your life.
• Wanting success and succeeding in everything that you do.
• Or asking for prosperity and being showered with it.

I’m talking about attracting EVERY single thing that you can possibly desire, especially becoming wealthy without needing to be “lucky”

Contrary to what you may believe, wealth is not acquired, it is given and every millionaire and billionaire understands this.
The best thing about this rule, is that it is not exclusive to the elite.

We are all on an equal playing field and all capable of becoming incredibly rich, IF you understand how things truly work.

If You Have Ever Dreamed About Becoming Rich, Wealthy And Successful But Feel You Are Swimming Against The Tide, Then You Are In The Right Place

By the end of this page, you will know exactly how to be given ANYTHING that you ask for.

I’m not here to shatter your dreams but LISTEN!

There is a MAJOR reason why all of the wealth attraction methods you have tried so far, have failed you.

The ways you were taught to manifest and wish for things, is totally flawed.
They simply DO NOT and CAN NOT work.

Because if you want to attract REAL WEALTH and ABUNDANCE then there is some highly sensitive information that you NEED to know.

In fact, this is more than just sensitive information, it is a law that you must follow if you have any hope of attracting everything you desire.

• The same law the wealthiest people in the top 1% of the world abides by.
• The same law that everybody who asks and receives, abides by.
• The exact same law that is responsible for you NOT generating wealth.
These laws have nothing to do with the “Law of Attraction” which is great but is too generic to get you rich.

These very important laws are ancient and go as far back as Babylon.

I am extremely rich today as I fully understand these laws but you and I were never supposed to know that these laws exist.

If it wasn’t for a set of keys, I would not be able to let you know they even existed.

We will get to that soon,

But first it is important that I know that you are ready to accept being given money,

That you are ready to accept that you deserve to be rich.

And that you are ready to accept that everything will be possible for you, in just a few moments time.

Now Sit Back, Buckle Up And Read EVERY Word On This Page And Let Me Put You On The Road To Wealth

Let me introduce myself,

My name is Simon Taylor, in a previous life, I was an underpaid and very overworked garbage collector, who worked all hours of the day in order to barely cover my rent and get by on a daily basis.

There was nothing glamorous about my job and it was always meant as a means to an end. But that means to an end sadly lasted for 6 years longer than intended.

I was flat out broke.

Although I had a job, my salary barely covered rent.

There was NEVER any money left over at the end of month. 
I always seemed to be in a deficit.

I was heavily in debt, as I relied on my credit card to help cover all my bills and when I couldn’t settle it within the month, they would slap on interest charges.
I felt I was drowning and depression was starting to kick in.

I worked overtime, I had no social life and I could forget about having a partner.

Just when I felt it couldn’t get any worse…


My accountant had fraudulently been cashing the checks of his clients instead of using them to pay our tax bills.

So, one day I had the good fortune to discover I owed over 3 years in back taxes to the government.

Taxes that I had actually paid, but my low life thieving accountant had stolen the money from me along with another 12 of his clients.

I had nothing, let me correct that. I had LESS than nothing.

I was seriously considering going bankrupt or even worse… just ending everything.

I needed money fast. I was desperate.
So, I did what I was programmed by society to do and worked harder and even longer hours.

One hot day while doing the rounds collecting trash on a new route, I noticed an immaculately dressed, attractive middle-aged lady get out of an incredible brand new Bentley Bentayga SUV.

As she walked away from the car it looked like she had dropped something but carried on walking and disappeared to the side of the building she had pulled in front of.

I Tried To Shout Her But She Didn’t Hear Me

I made my way over to where she had been.

 As I approached, I noticed there were a set of keys on the floor that included her car key, so I picked them up and went off to find her.

The thought of how much the car was worth and even the parts alone, flashed through my mind and if I was a thief, I could have made a lot of money just driving off in the car.

I went to the side of the building where I witnessed the lady disappeared to and saw a metal door, like some sort of safety door you would find on an abandoned building.

I knocked on the door and was getting no response. Yet I could hear some kind of calming music being played on the inside.
I could also hear low chanting or whispering. It all felt very strange.

The music wasn’t exactly calming music like you would hear when receiving a massage but it gave you a sense of calm.
I decided to knock louder, then I heard the music stop.

A man opened the door, I noticed the expensive Phillipe Patek watch on his wrist and he rudely asked me what I wanted.

This guy smelt like money... I explained the situation to him about the dropped keys and gave a description of the lady who I saw get out the car.

He told me to wait a minute and closed the door.

After what felt like longer than a minute, the lady came to the door and thanked me for my generosity.

She informed me that she was in the middle of something right now and to give her my phone number as she would like to buy me a coffee to thank me for returning her keys.

I gave her my number and went back to work.

That same evening, she called me.

She apologised for not having much time earlier and thanked me for bringing the keys to her as she had a previous car stolen.

She asked me to join her for a coffee the next day on my lunch break and we set up a time to meet at a Starbucks not too far from my works.
The next day I arrived at the Starbucks 10 minutes before the agreed time as I feel you should never keep a lady waiting and found a vacant table.

At the scheduled time I saw that beautiful Bentley SUV pull up outside in the parking lot, she exited the vehicle and came inside.

She was clearly a very successful woman and I was very curious to know who the hell she was.

She introduced herself as Julia and informed me that she only had 15 minutes available.

Those Next 15 Minutes Were About To Change My Life FOREVER

What I listened to was beyond mind blowing and was very difficult to comprehend at first.

It started off with her asking me was I happy being a trash collector and wanting to know my back story.

I have no idea why, as I am naturally a very private person but I opened up to her.

I let her know about my situation, my debts, tax issues and struggles.

I made it clear that I was not happy with my job but I had no other option or I would end up homeless.

I even shamefully confided that I had considered ending it all.
Julia told me that she was the CEO of 4 companies worth a combined value of $2.3billion, she had not even finished school and used to be broke. 
She also explained to me that when I met her yesterday, she was in the middle of a session that was only available to certain people from society.
I asked her what did she mean.

She asked me a question in response… 

Had I heard of the Laws of Wealth?

I asked her did she mean the laws of attraction, she laughed and told me no and explained the laws of attraction is a generic and broad concept that focuses on attracting a variety of things, whereas the laws of wealth focusses purely on acquiring and attracting wealth.

She saw the confusion on my face and told me that as I am a good person with a good heart who went out of my way to perform a good deed for her, that she’s going to do a good deed in return for me.

Julia Explained That The Laws of Wealth Go As Far Back As 4000 Years Ago And Originates From The Ancient City Of Babylon

The reason that Babylon was one of the wealthiest cities in the world in that era, is because they understood the Laws of Wealth and its principles.

They had an ability to acquire money from unexpected sources, which enabled them to become successful and rich at everything they did.

It even extended down into their bloodline and some of their descendants are amongst the richest people in the world.

Between the companies and wealth, they possess, they practically control the world.

She wasn’t talking about only knowing how to invest money and using it to make more, she was talking about the ability to attract and receive money unexpectedly.

The Laws of Wealth Shows You How To Continuously 
Receive Money In Abundance.

A group of Babylonians discovered a way to get their brains on the correct frequency with the universe, by using a variety of methods that enabled them to receive everything that they asked for. 

All the wealth that we desire is already out there. 

Money is infinite and there is certainly no scarcity of it.

The main problem is that most people lack the ability to draw that wealth to them as they are unaware of the real methods required to do so.

It was in the elite’s best interests to keep the Laws of Wealth to themselves because if the whole world were aware of how to acquire as much wealth as they desired, then there would be no hierarchy or people to do their bidding.

This is the reality of capitalism... 

For some people to be up, it requires some to be down or there would be no 1% group of wealthiest people out there.

With the Laws of Wealth, if you are able to get your brain and internal energy on the exact same frequency as the universe, then you will receive all that you wish for, especially money.

The wealth may not come to you via traditional means, it could be that you start a business that generates a fortune or even could be a surprise inheritance you received.

The Laws of Wealth Gets You On The Frequency That Puts You In Line To RECEIVE Wealth!

You do not make money, you are given money and it can come to you in any form.

She went on to explain that the Laws of Wealth can make absolutely anyone rich and in order to practice the Laws of Wealth and attract as much money as you want into your life, depends on the following criteria.

• Using the correct affirmations.
• Listening to the correct audio that operates on a specific frequency as the universe, while saying the affirmations.
• Practicing gratitude while also listening to a specific sound and more importantly knowing exactly what to say.
• Keeping a highly important image that was very symbolic to Babylonians as close to you as possible.
• Reading important material that will alert you to the ways of the Laws of Wealth
Julia then importantly added that if you were to do this daily for a period of 33 days exactly then you would get on the same frequency as the universe and be rewarded with all the wealth you could wish for.

Once You Start Asking, You Will Receive What You Ask For!

It was also importantly crucial to hold a dedicated gratification session on a monthly basis once you have started acquiring wealth to enable the money to keep coming to you.

In fact, it was one such session I interrupted the day before, when I returned her keys back to her.

That at least explained the strange sound and chanting I heard coming from inside the building.

Once she finished speaking, I was completely blown away.

I was truly lost for words.

This all seemed a bit far-fetched, yet here was a very wealthy woman sat in front of me telling me this.

Julia could see the apprehension in my face and told me to give her my email so she could send me all the required material to see the power of the Laws of Wealth for myself.

As she got up to leave, she made me promise her one thing.

That I would practice the Laws of Wealth for the FULL 33 days without missing a single day. 

I agreed and then we said our goodbyes.

My head was buzzing with all the information that I had just digested and I was very sceptical.

However, my views of making money were based on turning up for work, then working X hours and getting paid Y for my time.

I had never been rich in my life so what did I know.

Later that evening Julia sent me an email with all the necessary details for me to practice the Laws of Wealth.

I had absolutely nothing to lose so decided to commit the next 33 days of my life to the Laws of Wealth

Every day before and after work, I would say the affirmations while listening to the audio file that Julia sent.

I would also practice gratitude when I woke up in the morning and before I went to sleep every day while importantly listening to another sound.

The symbolic image would stay in my wallet so it was always close to me and I also left it on my bedside table for when I slept.

Finally, I read the book that Julia sent me to truly understand the Laws of Wealth.

I did all of this for exactly 33 days and guess what happened on Day 34?


I felt like Julia had played a cruel joke on me…
But I did not give up hope, I had nothing to lose and was already at rock bottom. I kept practising the Laws of Wealth on a daily basis.

Day 35, 36 37 and 38, nothing has still changed…


On Day 39 I Won $12,000 On A Scratch Card

I was shocked. I had played scratch cards for years and had never won more than $150.
I started to question was it to do with the Laws of Wealth or just luck?

I seriously needed that money and it came at a great time so I could pay off my credit card.

Day 56, I received a totally unexpected letter.

I was told I was being awarded $220,000 in damages as the former clients and myself of the accountant that stole from us instead of paying our taxes, had launched a class action lawsuit against him for malpractice.

Honestly, I had heard nothing about this since it happened so assumed the case was flat.

To top it off, just 4 days after this, I saw that a $500 crypto currency investment I made 5 years previously and had pretty much forgotten about had increased in value, to now be worth $179,362.

Money Was Certainly Flowing To Me… Random Things Kept Happening Where I Was Receiving More And More Money

It had to be the Laws of Wealth…. Money had never flowed to me like this before.

I was able to clear all my debts and pay my tax bill.

I no longer needed to keep doing the job that I hated.

I decided that fortune favoured the brave and that I wanted to start my own waste management company.

Within 3 months of launching, I was doing a monthly revenue of over $80,000.

After the first year of trading, I was generating an average of $415,000 EVERY month.

That’s almost $5 million a year.
I was finally receiving a hell of a lot of money and it just kept on coming.
Most of my investments were performing well, I raised money from investors and sold off some equity of my highly profitable company.

I’m now a “self-made” millionaire and own or am an investor in multiple successful businesses.

All of this was only made possible because I had cracked the Laws of Wealth and discovered how to attract as much money as I could visualise.

I kept in touch with Julia and she was truly happy for me and even more happy with the Rolex watch I bought her as a gift for helping me.

She truly changed my life…

Well, it was her exposure to the Laws of Wealth that changed my life.

To this day I still practice the Laws of Wealth and sometimes I join Julia and our other rich friends in the gratitude sessions where I first met her.

At the back of my mind, I was still sceptical if it was a turn of luck or down to the Laws of Wealth.

I decided to let some of my friends and family use the Laws of Wealth and see if it helped them.

My Brother Who Is A Salesman, Quadrupled His monthly Commissions And Was Earning As Much As $150,000 Every Month

He also saw his investments portfolio increase by 46%.
I instructed my sister on how to use the Laws of Wealth.

The first thing she got was an unexpected tax rebate, then she got some artwork appraised that she bought in a yard sale and was able to sell it for $90,000 after paying only $40.

Soon after that she was promoted to a senior partner in the law firm where she works at, which is now paying her a 7-figure annual salary.

Even a buddy of mine had a huge lotto win after practising the Laws of Wealth.

I was ecstatic to see that it truly does work for anybody.

I remember how poor I was in my previous life and the daily struggles I faced as a man who was trying to make enough money just to survive in what is an expensive and cruel world.

Personally, I do not believe that something as powerful as the Laws of Wealth should be kept from the people that need It the most.

I’ve been on the other side and was a desperate individual who was also in need of some good fortune.

For that reason, I decided that I wanted to share my experiences and even better, the Laws of Wealth with a select group of people.

If I wasn’t given this amazing gift then I would never have turned my life around and I feel that others should also be given the opportunity to receive as much money as they ask for.

Money Is Infinite And There Is So Much Of It Out There

You just need to learn how to demand that it flows to you, just like others who know the Laws of Wealth secrets do.

If you are still on this page, then you are in luck.

Your life is about to change in a way you could never fathom.

Imagine So Much Money Flowing To You In Just 33 Days From Now That You Do Not Know What To Do With It?

Imagine the look on your family and friends faces when you roll up in that brand new car, pay of all your debts and own your home outright?

Imagine how it feels to ask for something and then receiving all that you desire?

If you are in need of money right now and truly want to be rich, then you need to start using the Laws of Wealth immediately.

Forget the laws of attraction, because if you want to be wealthy then you should only focus on attracting wealth.

You can also forget about manifesting methods that blatantly yield no results.

You Deserve To Be Rich And You Deserve To Start Receiving Wealth TODAY!

I can’t explain how it feels to open up your mail and to read something that results in you receiving money.

Or how it feels to go through your emails and see cash earning opportunities in abundance.

You are about to start receiving money from random places that you never even thought was possible.

Every week it feels like it’s raining money to me and I want you to experience the same sensation.

You deserve it.

Today, I’m going to give you FULL and INSTANT access to the Laws of Wealth.

You will receive

• The exact affirmations needed for the Laws of Wealth.
• The Laws of Wealth audio file that you must listen to while doing the affirmations.
• The Exact Instructions on the gratitude techniques used by the richest Babylonians
• The highly important Babylonian image that you must keep as close to you as possible
• The coveted Laws of Wealth book that is necessary for this journey
• Access to a support staff who will act as your personal Sharman to ensure you succeed

These Are The Keys To Unlimited Wealth

This exact Laws of Wealth package is the sole reason why I became a millionaire.

I am giving you the exact same wealth formula to follow my steps.

Now you are probably sat there thinking what will this cost you?

Well, I have some unbelievable news for you about that.

Something as powerful as the Laws of Wealth that will bring you untold riches and is the very thing responsible for making me a multi-millionaire is priceless.

For example, would you happily pay $10,000 for the opportunity to become wealthy?
However, if you could easily pay me $10,000 then you would probably not be in need of the Laws of Wealth.
Would you consider $1000 a fair price?

Well, I’m here to tell that you will not be paying that either.

It would be hard to put a price on this…

So, I’m not going to.

I personally do not need your money.

I have enough and my whole purpose of doing this is to help those who desire to be rich.
I’m going to give you the formula to becoming rich TODAY and I will not put a price on this or charge you some ridiculously high price for it.
All I ask in return is 2 things.

1. That you pay a very small one-time admin fee to cover expenses, server charges and the cost of your personal support Sharman
2. The second and most important thing I ask, is that you agree to practice the Laws of Wealth for the FULL 33 days without missing a single day.

So that you can reap the benefits of this money generating formula

33 days was the magic number to the Babylonian elite and if you can’t dedicate this little time to fulfil your dreams of becoming rich, then maybe wealth is not for you.

Because The Laws of Wealth WORKS.

So much money will come your way that you will not know what to do with it.

• Will it be a lottery win?
• A promotion at work?
• An inheritance?
• Dividends?
• The sale of an asset?
• Or something else?

That’s the beauty of the Laws of Wealth, money will start coming to you from all different directions.

When you are on the same frequency as the universe, you will get everything that you ask for.

That Means Real Wealth Is Heading Your Way

Now it gets even better. Remember that I asked you to pay a small one-time admin fee to cover expenses, servers and your own personal support Sharman?


I’m going to do something special for you today.

I’m going to give you instant access to the Laws of Wealth if you act right now. 

And if you are not happy with the life changing wealth that it presents to you, then I will be more than happy to refund you the low fee you paid, so that you get it for FREE.

There Is Absolutely NO RISK To You Whatsoever

I am that confident that if you actually use the Laws of Wealth, you will start attracting real money, that I am able to offer you an unconditional 60 day full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

I‘ve seen the power of the Laws of Wealth and the money it has generated for others and myself.

It is truly powerful and beautiful to see it in action.

Even last month I was offered $60,000 just for a consultation from another business, which of course I accepted.

This again was money I was not expecting.

Money just constantly flows to me all thanks to the Laws of Wealth.


  • The coveted Laws of Wealth book that is necessary for this journey
  • The Exact Affirmations Needed For The Laws of Wealth
  • The Laws of Wealth Audio File That You Must Listen To While Doing The Affirmations
  • ​​The Gratitude Techniques Used by The Richest Babylonians
  • ​The Highly Important Babylonian Image That You Must Keep Close To You
  • ​​​Access To Support That Will Act As Your Personal Sharman To Ensure Your success






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"OMG. Within 41 days of using the Laws of Wealth I unexpectedly received $58,391 from the lotto. I highly recommend it"

Are You Ready To Start Having Money flow To You?

There Is Absolutely NO RISK To You Whatsoever

I am that confident that if you actually use the Laws of Wealth, you will start attracting real money, that I am able to offer you an unconditional 60 day full MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

I‘ve seen the power of the Laws of Wealth and the money it has generated for others and myself.

RRP $297 $97
Oh, I almost forgot.

Julia gave me permission to offer the Laws of Wealth to some people in need but she made me promise that I would limit the amount of people that I offer it too.

I agreed and will cap the amount of people who can access it.

This offer is ONLY available to the first 100 people to claim a spot.

If you are not fast you are last.

This page can be taken down at ANY time without notice so do not delay.

It is important that you get in now.

If you go away and comeback later then the Laws of Wealth may be closed forever and your chance to attract incredible wealth will be gone.

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The Money Starts Flowing To You

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Well, it is only available to the first 100 people to claim so act now.

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Laws of Wealth 2023

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